NYLE Video Evaluation

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Any employer who discharges or in another manner discriminates in opposition to any worker because such employee has made any grievance to his employer, to the commissioner, the director or to their approved representatives that he has not been paid wages in accordance with the provisions of this act, or because such worker has brought on to be instituted or is about to cause to be instituted any continuing below or related to this act, or as a result of such worker has testified or is about to testify in any such proceeding, or because such employee has served or is about to serve on a wage board, shall be guilty of a disorderly persons offense and shall, upon conviction therefor, be fined not less than $a hundred nor greater than $1,000.

This subchapter shall apply to the minimal wage rates paid to all minors engaged in light manufacturing and apparel occupations regardless of the nature of the enterprise of the employer or the situation of the place where the work is being performed.

The commissioner shall have the facility, on his own movement, and it shall be his responsibility upon the petition of 50 or more residents of the State, to trigger the director to investigate any occupation to determine whether a substantial variety of workers are receiving lower than a good wage.