Wedding Photography Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017

You’ve finally met the wedding planner, had your dress fitted, the décor and cake are out of this world, but wait! What about your photography? Photography is an important aspect in your wedding. How else would you be able to capture those memories? Wedding photography has evolved over the years.  You can now choose from an array of different styles,

If you are into trends and would love to have an idea of what is hot right now, here are some wedding photography trends that will be huge in 2017.

The Use of Drones

Drones have been the rage for some time now, previously, videographers used drones but photographers have now adopted drones as they are able to capture images of people, places and things at a vantage point. Unlike traditional photography where you need to be on the ground, taking photos with a drone gives you a different aspect.

All black and white

For artistic couples, the black and white would be a great pick. Black and white photos have a powerful, yet dramatic look they present. You can also choose to have some photos in black and white and the rest in color to have a variety for your wedding photographs.

Documentary style photography

Documentary style now involves more than staged posed looks. You can now opt for a dramatic style or incorporate a fun theme element. Moreover, you can add in your close friends in the photographs to make them appealing.  Some couples prefer a cover magazine documentary style where a photo can be framed or placed in a canvas format for everyone to see.

Vintage is the new modern

Couples are now adopting photos with faded washes, enhanced colors and even different effects that accentuate on the vintage theme. You can have your photos edited to get that vintage feel and look. This trend is expected to be more popular as couples are looking to add that fun aspect to their wedding photos.

Realistic shots

Blue Bend Photography can focus on taking realistic shots of you and your partner that will capture the both of you in a genuine and natural way.  Instead of making you pose for hours to get the perfect shot, your wedding photographer will look for an opportunity to capture your beautiful timeless moments. This is a great way to see how you look on photos without having to pose which doesn’t come naturally for everyone.

Backlit photos

Backlit photos are spectacular and all about the ambience. This look is achieved when you take photos early in the morning or when the sun is setting. You’ll notice at this time everything look romantic and authentic. With backlit photos, you don’t have to worry about relying on filters. You can just use natural light.

Stop motion wedding photos

This type of photography takes still photos and animates them in a form of video with your favorite type of music. This form of photography works well for a short trailer that you can easily send to friends and family.

Wedding photography in 2017 will be fun, dramatic, creative ad with lots of personality.  Your wedding photographer will take time to get the perfect shot.