Traveling and Pets

Are you considering traveling? Perhaps you’re planning a trip out of town or even out of the country. Maybe you’ve even completed your travel plans leaving only one question: what will you do about your pet while you’re gone?

This can be a complicated question, but the answers are limited be quite simple. As a responsible pet owner, you can bring your pet with you, check your pet into a professional pet kennel, leave your pet in the care of friends or family be in at your house or theirs, or hire a professional pet sitter to stay with your fur baby at home.

Which option is right for my pet and me

Traveling with your pet will always add effort to your planning. A short trip to the next town over may be as simple as keeping a kennel, finding a pet-friendly hotel room or a friend that’s accepting of you bringing your pet.

An international flight will require the above in addition to research on customs and border information, airline policies, health and safety precautions needed for safe transport and the respective costs of each. This isn’t for the faint of heart and most wouldn’t do this for a vacation, but if you can’t stand to be away from your pet, its worth it.

For those who want their pet to be pampered in their absence, overnight dog boarding centers are available in some of your more posh areas. The proper facility is staffed by employees that are professional and trained in dog behavior.

Facility amenities can vary, but typically, your pet is treated to play time, fed, monitored 24/7 and given a comfy place to rest and the end of the day. Acceptance to dog boarding centers are limited and usually require socialization checks and being up-to-date in all health requirements.

A go-to for many is leaving your furry bundle of joy with a trusted friend or family or asking them to house/pet-sit for you. If you have someone you trust, have at it. It would be nice of you to leave money for food or something else polite to show you appreciate them for it.

Unfortunately, some of us are new to an area or live somewhere remote. If that’s you, there’s the option of asking a friend or relative that is fairly close to stopping by or checking your pet in at their place before you head off. For all the others there are the above options as well as the next.

If your pet is socialized and well behaved, the easiest option is professional pet-sitting. Hiring a reputable and trained individual to look after your pet guarantees their needs will be met. Having a pet sitter in your house means your fur baby never needs to adjust to a new environment. This is a bonus for some of your more anxious animals. If you’re curious about what to look for in a pet sitter, check out this link:

All that’s left is to have a great trip

Your trip will be heaps better knowing that your pet is taken care of. You’ll be able to relax, focus on your tasks if it’s for business, or just kick back if it’s a vacation. If you pick the right place, your pet may even be having more fun than you. The secret is making sure that whoever it is that you choose to be around your pet, you trust.