Self-Defense: A Neglected Skill

Most of the people that you can see around you probably do not know how to fight for themselves in times of crisis. Thanks to the peaceful times, people have forgotten to train in self-defense. Furthermore, the physical activity of most people has diminished, mainly due to advancement in technology. However, it is not too late for you to start learning how to defend yourself.

Never Rely On Others to Defend You

You might be thinking, “Oh, we have the police and the military for dealing with threats to society, so we do not have to learn how to fight.” Sorry, but they are not available all the time to keep you secure. And if a thug suddenly grabs you from behind, there is no way you can ever call for help. The answer to that dilemma is learning self-defense. Well, there is a low chance of for you to become a victim of violence and you may not be able to fend off all forms of threat, but at least you are capable of dealing with attackers.

A Frail Body Is An Invalid Excuse

Okay, so you might have such a puny little body that seems like it cannot handle physical exertion. You may be telling yourself, “I think I’ll pass because I’ll just get crushed by the others.” Then, all the more reason for you to undergo self-defense training. Moreover, self-defense usually includes conditioning your body to become faster, stronger, and tougher, either directly through a conditioning routine or indirectly from all the training you’ll be doing. Even if you are that pre-pubescent nerd who is unable to open a pickle jar, you’ll have to endure hardship to transform yourself.

Accept Your Doubt and Shame

When starting a new hobby or profession, any person may feel anxious and unsettled. Everyone is afraid of messing up, even those experts that you admire have repeatedly gone through that feeling. Still, do not let your fear stop you from trying new things. Just accept the fact that you may go through humiliation because you are still a beginner who will make mistakes. It takes your effort and time to get skilled at something, and also to build your confidence doing it.

Learn to Notice Your Surroundings

Some people tend to daydream or to overthink. You may be one of those who spaces out and ignores what is happening in front of you. Learning self-defense will teach you to become more sensitive to changes in your environment. Moreover, you will be forced to be more mentally aware because, during practice, being heady can lead to a hit to your face. Lastly, you may even appreciate your environment more because you can notice the details that you had been taking for granted.

Self-Defense of Choice

It’s quite difficult to start training because there are many types of self-defense you can select. The recommended class is unarmed self-defense over armed ones because you will always have your own body to defend you. Feel free to check some of the examples in London Fight Factory and read their descriptions to become more familiar with them. Choose the type of self-defense that you think will fit your preferences, and feel free to switch to something new if you feel bored or regret your choice.


Self-defense is a neglected skill in people’s daily lives of the modern era. However, self-defense training offers a lot of benefits besides being able to fend off against attackers. Furthermore, you can strengthen your own body, improve build up your self-confidence, and increase your mental awareness. Lastly, the type of self-defense you should choose should be compatible with your preferences.