Selection Of Appropriate Drill Bit Is A Real Challenge To Achieve The Success

The mechanical tools market is flooded with lots of variants of drill bits. There are hundreds of types of drill bits available in the market. You should be selecting the most appropriate that suits your requirement and application. The drill bits are available with a varied price list. Main factor for the cost is the type of material a drill bit is made of.

Before you actually go out to buy a drill bit, it is advised that you understand the anatomy of a drill bit. This will give you fair idea as the drill bit you are selecting will serve the purpose or not. Also, it helps in judging the quality of drill bit.

Let’s understand more about the drill bits:

Some of the basic materials used to make the drill bits are:

  • Carbon steel
  • HSS or High Speed Steel
  • Cobalt steel
  • Tool steel with carbide tips
  • Solid carbide

Above mentioned are base materials and depending upon the working condition and material on which this drill bit is used some sorts of special coating are done such as:

  • Black oxide
  • Bronze oxide
  • Titanium Nitride

These coatings are done to increase the life of a drill bit and also improve the productivity of the user. The coating mainly protects the surface of the drill bit there by increasing the tempering and stress relieving of the drill bit.

Classification of the drill bits:

  • Twist drill
  • Countersink drill bit
  • Counter bore drill bit
  • Flat bottom boring
  • Special type of drill bits

These drill bits can be used on the hand held drilling machines or on the machines that have standard drill chucks. The drill machine uses special tools to mount and demount the drill bits. With the automation being most popular and necessity of today’s industries there are some special drill bits that are designed for the special purpose machines and also for the automated machines.

You can consider any type of drill bits maintaining them in a good condition is very essential in order to get the consistence quality and productivity. You can visit to know more about the drill bits and their selection.


In order to achieve the required productivity with quality you must understand the technicality of the drill bits. There are various resources available to know about the drill bits. You can gain the knowledge by continuously upgrading your technical skills.