Rome’s #1100 Cast Iron Waffle Maker Review

Traditional waffle makers have been made from cast iron for many years, along with a variety of other types of kitchenware. Cast iron is heavy, but it has long had several advantages going for it. First, it’s extremely durable, as kitchenware materials go; there’s very little you can do by way of damaging it in the course of everyday use. In addition, it’s highly functional: cast iron helps to deliver heat smoothly and evenly across the surface of your waffle, for consistent results every time. Finally, traditionalists stand by the crisp exterior and light, fluffy interior of waffles made in a cast iron waffle maker; they insist that there is simply no other way to achieve such optimal results.

Finding the Right Waffle Maker

Nowadays, there are lots of different kinds of waffle makers on the market. In addition to figuring out what kind you want, you have to select the right particular model. This is just as true when you’re looking for a cast iron waffle maker as it is for any other type. You need to bear in mind when and where you’ll be using your waffle iron, as well as how many people you’ll be feeding. Cast iron waffle makers work well for gas stoves, or for campfires – perhaps while you’re out on vacation.  They’re very inexpensive, meaning that you can comfortably buy one that you know you’re not going to use on a regular basis… although, that being said, they do hold up well under such use.

Rome is a City in Italy. It’s Also a Producer of Waffle Irons

If you’re serving up waffles for several people, you could do worse than to look at this traditional waffle iron from Rome – no, not that Rome. Rome Industries offers a waffle iron that makes four six-inch diameter waffles in seconds flat. It works great on a gas stove, and over an open campfire… and despite its cast iron construction, it’s remarkably easy to handle.

Texsport: It’s a Whole ‘Nuther Cast Iron Waffle Maker

For a little more money – but still well inside of double digits – you can pick up a cast iron waffle maker from Texsport. This particular model comes with convenient wooden handles for easier handling on the go, even while the iron is still hot. It’s particularly resistant to chipping and other forms of damage, while being surprisingly resisting to sticking – which results in a surface that’s very easy to clean.

Coleman – The Go-to Name for Camping Supplies!

This is probably my personal favorite on this particular list of likelies. Coleman is a well-established brand for camping gear. Their cast iron waffle maker is designed to optimize heat distribution – producing consistently crisp, golden-brown waffles with light and fluffy interiors. This cast iron waffle maker makes two waffles at a time – making it perfect for singles, couples, and small family outings; its flat construction also allows it to work on a modern electric stovetop.

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