Reasons to Upgrade to Smart Door Locks

Do you feel like the door locks in your home are up to standard? The better question would probably be, do you have any reason to be nervous for a possible break-in? As you know, technology continues to take over the world every single day. In a lot of ways, like smart door locks, it’s for the better. There are a lot of benefits to installing a smart door lock in your home and after you finish reading them, you will probably end up looking up reviews at First, though, check out why smart door locks are so fantastic.

You Can See Who Enters Your Home

When you install a smart door lock, you should get an app to go alongside with it. With this app, you can actually see who enters your home. So, if you are not there and you want to monitor it you can. This is terrific if you have children that are coming home from school and you want to make sure they get home safely. Based on the access code that is entered, the app knows who opened the door. With the power of the app, you can also choose the events you want to be notified about.

The Work is Done for You

OK, so how many times have you had to struggle to find your keys to try to unlock your door? Better yet, how many times has this happened while your hands were full or the weather was poor outside? What’s so cool about some of the smart door locks is that they will recognize who you are and then automatically unlock themselves. Then, you can actually set a timer for your door so that it will automatically lock itself if you forget to. Can you imagine how useful that would be the next time you are hauling in dozens of groceries into your home?

No More Keys (Depending on the Type)

Although this does go hand in hand with the previous benefit, it’s worthy of another mentioning. With most smart door locks, there is a touch screen that allows you to enter codes for access. Instead of having to deal with keys, you just need to remember your access code. Better yet is that you can give specific people their own codes so they can enter your home. This would be ideal for your children, close and personal friends (if you are cool with that sort of thing), or anybody who you can trust! Once someone enters, you will be able to tell based on the code that was entered. Some specific smart locks have different amounts of access codes, so make sure you have a good idea of how many people you are going to want to give access to.

Some are Compatible with Home Automation Systems

If you already happen to have a home automation system, then some smart locks can be synched with it. You may not think so, but this can allow you to do some very convenient things. For example, if someone comes to your house and unlocks the smart lock (with a code that you have provided to them) you could set your thermostat to rise (or fall) to a specific temperature. To save energy, you are most likely not going to have your thermostat run when you aren’t there. However, when someone enters your home (children, friends) you want them to feel comfortable so you could adjust your thermostat accordingly.

To Added Security to Your Home

The best always has to be saved for last. The single most important reason to invest in a smart door lock is for the added security. When you are dealing with standard lock doors, they can be broken into. Worse yet, if you lose your key someone else could end up picking it up. It sounds like a circumstance you would never have to worry about, but you never know. Due to the fact that smart locks can only be opened via codes (some of them), there’s less of a chance of someone breaking in. Also, for some of them, you can choose to be notified when they become unlocked so you know when someone enters.

It seems like such an easy decision to make. As you have seen with all of these benefits, the time is now to make the switch. It’s time to make your life easier, take the stress of a home invasion away and know exactly who is at your door at all times.