Pulse Performance Electric Scooter Review

It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 50, there is not a lot in life that will provide you with the simple joys an electric scooter can. The wind flowing through your hair, albeit at a low speed, and the unrivalled happiness going down a big hill slightly too quickly can bring are feelings you will struggle to replicate on any other type of vehicle. This may be the reason why scooters, and more specifically their electric, cousins are making somewhat of a comeback. They are a very simple and efficient way to get around in congested areas, so they are well worth taking a closer look at. The question is though, which scooter is the one for me? Well that is where we are here to help, and today we are going to do that by looking at the Pulse Performance to see what it can do! However if you do want to compare it to some other scooters after you’ve read this review, then you can do this by checking out http://theelectricrider.com/electric-scooter-reviews/ for more information.


An electric scooter is just two boards with a motor and some wheels attached right? Not any more as these toys have slowly become quite advanced pieces of technology. For instance the Pulse can travel up to speeds of ten miles per hour which will get you where you need to be in a hurry! It uses simple push to go technology via the twist throttle and there is a hand brake up there too for when you let the speed get the better of you. You’ll be able to ride it for up to 40 minutes at a time, and the two piece compact deck texture surfacing gives you a good amount of control over the scooter. The best feature this machine has though is the rechargeable battery which should keep you scooting for years!

Plus Points

Compared to other similar scooters the Pulse is lighter so this should give you more control over it making for an easier ride. This is also a scooter which requires the minimum level of maintenance, as the urethane tyre won’t suffer punctures easily and the board will simply need to be wiped down occasionally.

Negative Points

What the Pulse suffers from most seems to be an occasional lack of power from its motor. Customers have said that it struggles to reach any decent speeds when a heavier person is on it this limits the market for this scooter a fair amount.


If you are looking for a scooter to impress the grandson or daughter, or niece or nephew with then this is not a bad choice. It will do the job well, is easy to assemble, and won’t require much maintenance when up and running so it is the perfect choice for the younger members of the family. However, if you were looking to use this scooter for anyone slightly older then you may be better looking elsewhere as the motor can struggle for power on occasion. All in all it’s not a bad scooter, but make sure you check who you are buying it for first should you choose to purchase it!