Pieces of Apparel Every Man Should Consider Owning

It is something that men oftentimes take for granted and one they should not, the apparel that they wear. If you are a man, then there is no doubt that you can relate to this. What you wear and how you look are often not on the forefront of your mind, which is not an issue. But, that does not mean that it should be disregarded so quickly. In fact, there are even specific pieces of apparel that men can feel proud to own. While this list is not going to accommodate every single man, and none of these are meant to be stereotypical, the following should at least be considered by most.

Motorcycle Jacket

Very few pieces of clothing feel as “manly” as a motorcycle jacket. Sure, some may use them to create a tough persona but they are extremely fashionable. Here is the kicker, though, you do not need to be a biking enthusiast to have an interest in it. Even if you have zero interest in ever taking control of a motorcycle, you could still invest in a biking jacket for style purposes only. But, if you do plan on becoming a biker (or are already one) then this could be considered mandatory. Whatever category you fall under is irrelevant, though, as all are open to investing in them. For those intrigued, why not try these out for size?


Most likely, this will accommodate a few more of you than a motorcycle jacket will. A wristwatch holds the great value of killing two birds with one stone. First of all, they present a great form of style as they will match a plethora of clothing options. So, you could wear one when dressing up for church, a wedding, or any social event. Secondly, which is their main purpose, they give you the pleasure of knowing what time it is always. Of course, nowadays watches are being designed to sync with your smartphones; alerting you of incoming calls, texts and emails.

Polo T-Shirt

One of the biggest issues with dressing up to a social event that requires so is that most of the time you are left with clothing that does not spare temperature. In other words, heavy and uncomfortable clothing. That is where a polo t-shirt so adequately comes into play, as the material is designed (for most of them) to be light and comfortable. In addition, your arms are left wide open with excess breathing room. But, it is able to maintain the professional look that will certainly come into play for various events. It is a rare form of apparel that manages to feel casual and representableat the same time.

Sports Apparel

Now, this is where the stereotypical comment that was mentioned earlier needs to be addressed. This is not insinuating that all men are sports fanatics, or interested in them at all. Some may despise every sport in America and there is nothing wrong with that. But, for most men, they will want others to know who they are a fan of. If you have any interest in sports and root for a particular team, then you can relate to this. The amazing aspect for fans of your nature is that there is an endless amount of apparel that you can choose from. For example, hats, gloves, t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, jewelry, socks, and underwear. The niche of sports apparel is so vastly large that you should be able to find every major sports team with relative ease.


A list of this nature would not be complete without a suit. Ironically, though, it will end up being the one piece you wear the least. Think about it for a second, how many times in your lifetime will you wear a suit? For most, that number will barely creep into double digits. But, for those rare occurrences where one is needed it sure is nice to have it ready to go in your closet. Now, some occasions will call for specific suits (such as a wedding) but owning a generic one will come in handy at some point. This could be thought of as a precaution form of clothing; one in which it is better to have it and not need it than the other way around.

Maybe, as a guy, you should focus more of your time on the clothing you purchase and wear. But, then again, is it really that important? That is a debate for another day, but for now, you should highly consider investing in some of the apparel that was outlined. Which ones you choose to do so is subjective and up to you, but most are either fashionable, convenient, or handy. Might as well keep your self-appearance high, if nothing else to create the notion that you have style!