Magic Bullet NutriBullet Blender/Mixer Review

There is a whole lot to love about this blender from Magic Bullet. Sure, the company makes some brazen claims as to all of the health benefits that come from making blended drinks in their product. The healthy and nutritious concoctions that the NutriBullet is able to produce can “help you fight and prevent disease, lose weight, relieve joint pain, promote healthy, younger-looking skin, and even add years to your life”, according to the company. This is due to the blender’s exclusive “Extractor Technology” that is able to extract the essential nutrients from within your ingredients and inject them into your mixed drinks. In fact, this extraction is the driving factor behind the design and manufacturing of the NutriBullet. Here’s what we know at Smoothy Makers Paradise, these might be bold statements, but Magic Bullet offers a pretty bold blender that comes with a slew of accessories, attachments, and abilities.

The Action in the Extraction

Since extracted food is the key to better health, Magic Bullet has developed specific technology for their NutriBullet to make sure you get all of the healthy nutrients wrung out and removed from your ingredients for maximum benefit of your overall well-being.  This is achieved by way of a 600 watt motor that uses cyclonic action and the company’s patented extractor blades which break down and pulverize every part of the ingredients that you place inside, including stems, seeds, and skins of your fruits and vegetables where most of the essential nutrition is found.  Breaking down your food in this manner provides you with all of the vital nourishment needed for better health.

The Total Package

Magic Bullet offers a 12-piece set of helpful tools for getting the most out of your blender. It starts with the high-torque Power Base which houses the motor. In addition, you receive two blade attachments, one extractor blade and a milling blade, each one designed for getting the most out of certain ingredients. You also get three cups of varied sizes for making small and large drinks as well as two different lip rings for easy portability (one of them comes with a handle!). Two resealable lids let you store your blended foods for days’ worth of drinks. Finally, a user manual, cookbook, and Pocket Nutritionist for easy reference to getting the most benefits from your ingredients are all included to help you create the perfect drinks.

Summing Up

The NutriBullet is the ideal blending system for making those healthy drinks and chopping fruits and vegetables. This is a bestseller on Amazon for a reason, it’s priced right, it offers portability, the base is small enough to store anywhere in your kitchen without taking up a lot of counter-top real estate, and it uses cyclonic action to break down your foods to their most absorbable state. There are very few drawbacks to this unit, the most obvious one being that all of the components are made of plastic (with the exception of the blades). All parts including the base and the cups are plastic, a metal base or glass containers would have certainly made this product perfect.