It Must Be Looked For To Be A Multi Skills Lawyer

Reliable in one particular field can clearly make lawyers stand out and are sought after for their expertise. In addition, to a lawyer who controls many fields (multi skills) it can actually provide distinct benefits for the client, especially the trust of the client.

It’s just that being able to master the corporate field and litigation is not an easy thing. Not infrequently litigation lawyers are reluctant to play in corporate jurisdiction because of differences in work culture.

Three multi skills lawyers, shared tips to be able to live the corporate world and litigation well. Here’s how:

1. Not Picky When Learning

Want to be what is in the future is determined when the beginning of the lawyer career. Bobby said, even though he wanted to become a litigation lawyer from the start, he was grateful to be given the opportunity to be able to learn the ins and outs of corporate law at his old office.

Litigation Partner at the Siregar Setiawan Manalu Partnership (SSMP) law office which is also noted as a curator said that many litigation jobs are closely related to business activities.

2. Don’t get upset

Everyone can become a law graduate, said Aji, but not all can become lawyers. When someone chooses to become a lawyer, then that person must be ready with all possibilities. According to the Deputy General Chairperson of the Professional Development Division of the Market Legal Consultants Association, a lawyer must not be easily confused.

3. Join Training and Seminars

To improve the ability that must be done one of them is to increase knowledge. The three lawyers agreed that all lawyers should not be satisfied with their law degree. Frequently participating in training and seminars are suggestions suggested by these three experts.

the need to take part in various trainings and seminars was to add a folder in the memory of the lawyer. “This often happens, my lawyer says ‘this is not there sir’. I just said ‘try opening the x law’. Well that’s where the need is. Like a computer, just make a lot of folders first, so that when you want to find something already exists, “he concluded.

4. Add Accounting Science

In addition, corporate-litigation lawyers need to take accounting knowledge. That is what Aji always recommends to young lawyers. Not to become a financial expert, but to make it easier when the client confronts a lawyer on the balance sheet for the purpose of suing an opposing party for example.

5. Share the Focus on Different Times

When exploring options, it is not easy for lawyers to be ‘great’ in all fields in an instant. “It took a long time to be able to master these two fields,” Andrey said. On that basis, lawyers who have been practicing for more than 25 years each install the relevant certification.

Similarly, when handling cases in the office. Fortunately not all of the work comes together. “Yes, but our mind is actually like a television channel, when it shows mellow drama it can be carried away, when action can be carried away. This is also the case, when discussing the corporation, my brain also goes to the corporation, “

6. Conflict Work, Prioritize Deadlines

Well, if you have met litigation work and the corporation at one and the same time, Bobby suggests doing work that is near the due date. Moreover, he continued, corporate work is usually clear on time. This can be used to manage the time to complete work.