Hamilton Beach 63390 Stand Mixer Review

Every good stand mixer is purpose built for one thing in particular: hands-free mixing to handle a full array variety of recipes and tasks both large and small. That’s where the Hamilton Beach 63390 comes in, featuring a dutiful 300 watt motor, planetary mixing action for full coverage of all your ingredients and a single beater instead of two, for better results with no need to stop and scrape the sides of the bowl to make sure you get an even mix. The 63390 has seven speeds to handle any size job you need to accomplish and  the mixing head tilts up for easy access to your ingredients. If that wasn’t enough, the mixer comes with a full array of accessories and attachments to make quick work of all your recipes.

No Mess

The bowl for the 63390 is equipped with a detachable, clear splatter shield that protects from drips, drops, and spills. It’s perfect when blending or mixing ingredients that are easily displaced into the air and onto the counter. The bowl and splatter shield are dishwasher safe and everything can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

No Missed Ingredients

Planetary mixing action means the mixing head orbits around the bowl as the beater rotates in the opposite direction for thorough hands-free mixing of ingredients. This maximizes contact between the bowl and attachment, ensuring complete bowl coverage and better mixing than stand mixers with two beaters. Save time with this mixer, as there is no need to stop and scrape ingredients from the side of the bowl.

Know More Versatility

The 63390 comes with a variety of attachments that provide total versatility to take on any tough task. You get a flat beater attachment to mix cakes, cookie dough, fudge, or potatoes, a dough hook for kneading bread or pizza dough, and a whisk to whip up liquids, egg whites or 1 cup of cream. This unit relies on just one attachment to get all the work done, allowing for enhanced mixer performance.

Summing Up

The Hamilton Beach 63390 is a solid unit that costs just a bit more than some of the other mixers we’ve featured here at Stand Mixer Discount, but it also performs at a level befitting its price tag, which is around $100 at most online retailers. The single beater design provides more efficient and complete mixing because even with a minimum amount of liquid or other ingredients in the bowl, the tip of the whisk is always immersed, allowing for enhanced mixer performance and maximized contact between bowl and attachment, ensuring complete bowl coverage. That makes for a much more useful stand mixer and better value for your money.