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the new lawNothing in this act shall be deemed to intrude with, impede, or in any way diminish the right of employees to discount collectively by way of representatives of their own selecting with the intention to set up wages in excess of the applicable minima beneath this act.

The factors identified in the Unemployment Compensation Legislation at N.J.S.A. forty three:21-19(i)(6)(A)(B)(C) and interpreting case legislation will probably be used to find out whether or not a person is an employee or unbiased contractor for functions of the Wage and Hour Regulation.

A wage board shall be composed of no more than 3 representatives of the employers in any occupation, an equal number of representatives of the employees in such occupations and no more than three disinterested individuals representing the general public, one in every of whom shall be designated by the commissioner as chairman.

At any time after a minimal truthful wage order has been in effect for 1 year or more, the commissioner may, on his own motion, after conferring with the director, and shall, on petition of 50 or more residents of the State, reconsider the minimum truthful wage rates set therein and reconvene the same wage board or appoint a brand new board to recommend whether or not or not the speed, or charges, contained in such order, shall be modified.