Culligan WHR-140 Water Softener Review

This water softener is a little different to many of the others it is competing against as it is very specific in its use. The Culligan WHR-140 is unique as it is a unit which is used exclusively in shower heads. You may be wondering if there is much point in such a one dimensional piece of kit, so let’s dive into the review and find out!

What will it do?

It is a simple object with a simple purpose. The Culligan sits in your specially designed shower head and acts as a filter for the chlorine in the water. As a result of this, the levels of scale on your showerhead will be reduced, meaning not only a cleaner and more powerful shower, but also softer, cleaner skin and hair for you too! If your shower has a tendency to smell slightly of sulphur as some do, then this softener can help there too as it is designed to reduce this smell!

How complicated is the installation?

The process of setting up this water softener is so simple that a child could do it, the only problem being their struggle to reach the showerhead! However if you don’t feel like forcing your children into working then you can also install the Culligan yourself too. It is very easy to set up, with no tools required as it simple slots into the shower head and you are done! Once this is completed then you can go back to showering with no further efforts required. The filter simply sits there and does its job.

Explain the positives.

Whilst many water softeners prove to be very expensive and tough to install due to their desire to perform a large number of tasks at once, the Culligan does not have to worry about this. It’s most positive attribute is its simplicity. As it only focuses on filtering and looking after the water that comes out of your shower rather than the water supply of your whole house, it can do its job very well without the potential for error that the the jack of all trade softeners have. It has a filter life of 10,000 gallons or six months, it’s easy to install, and its level two filtration is also NSF certified so you know you are getting a product which works.

Does it have any negative points? 

As with almost anything in the entire world, you are going to get complaints about whatever you happen to be reviewing and the Culligan is no different. Whilst the positive reviews of this filter far outweigh the negative, this hasn’t stopped some people of complaining that the filter did not do what it was supposed to do. These reviews can however be taken with a pinch of salt as it would appear that most are simple faults in the manufacturing process of the individual filters. These minute complaints may not make it the best water softener out there, but it more than does the job it is supposed to.

What’s the conclusion?

If you are looking for a simple filter for your shower which will soften the water and leave you with (hopefully) luscious and radiant hair then this is the purchase for you. It will filter your water to a good level without the huge cost associated with other water softeners, so why not grab one whilst you can!