Best Stunt Scooters for Kids

Summer’s out. Which means holidays. Which means kids. Which means a new level of entertainment is required, and it’s gone from moderate to difficult. When Amazon becomes your most visited website you know it’s that time of year. So you think “I’ll get them outside with a scooter or two”. Which is a brilliant idea. But where do you even begin trying to figure out which scooter is the best one out there ? How do you go about doing all that time-consuming research, comparing one against the other against a very likely sellers bias that makes them hard to compare in the first place? The internet has presented this problem, but it also presents the solution.

There are some great reviews of stunt scooters for kids on the internet. Click here for a particularly helpful one. Reviews like this can really help to take the hassle and stress out of trying to figure out which scooter is going to be the best one to buy.

So why stunt scooters? The micro-scooter blog is a great go-to when trying to answer this question. To paraphrase their explanation, they lay it out like this. A stunt scooter is like the BMX of bikes. It’s a newer, potentially safer way that your child can master those tricks at the skate park without all the gnarly injuries that come with other types of trick tools e.g. a skateboard. It’s a safer way of letting your child go to the skate park to do some tricks.

What are some of these awesome tricks you can do on a stunt scooter? Skate Hut has outlined the top 10 Scooter Tricks for Beginners, which is a good place to start when you’ve just been given a stunt scooter! The “hop” is, according to Skate Hut, one of the first tricks you’ll learn on a scooter, and probably the easiest. It talks about the “hop” being a gateway that opens you up to other tricks like whips and grinds. Another staple of the stunt scooter trick world is a “fakie”, which is learning to ride your scooter backwards. They say that once you’ve learnt to ride your scooter backwards, you’ll be able to focus on learning all kinds of tricks that require the scooter to be moving backwards and forwards. Perhaps one of the more advanced tricks you could learn on a scooter is the tail whip. It requires balance, coordination, and skill that your kid would’ve gained through easier, simpler tricks like the “hop” and “fakie”.

So what does a stunt scooter look like? It’s obviously different from a traditional scooter, but what does that mean exactly? One of the biggest differences between a traditional scooter and a stunt scooter is that the handlebars on a stunt scooter don’t move, which makes it sturdier and safer for doing tricks and landing those tricks. The metal of the handlebars are merely an extension of the neck, so it’s virtually all one frame. This is with the exception of the deck. On a traditional scooter, the deck stays straight but on a stunt scooter the deck can move around, allowing for flexibility and movement when doing tricks. The wheels are kind of like skateboard wheels – there are a million different types and brands out there, and they have bearings in them – they are virtually skateboards wheels but on a scooter (it makes doing tricks easier). The wheels can be replaced quite easily which is helpful because they will get worn down over time due to all the tricks and riding at the skate park.

Stunt scooters for kids are a fun new way for them to get out there with their friends without coming home every night with skinned knees and elbows. They’re fun, easy to get used to and a good way to get your kids going on a trick tool without dumping them in the deep end with a skateboard. It means they can grow in confidence without feeling like they’re missing out. Plus, all their friends have one too, which means they can compare parts and potentially come to you asking for different ones. Stunt scooters make it fun and safe to ride at the skate park.